What is HTML 5 And Advantages of HTML 5 ?

HTML was introduce in 1980 . HTML is standard language ,it’s used for creating web applications and Webpages with CCS (Cascading style sheet ),JavaScript . HTML provides many versions every version has new features and facility because just time no one want to face problems they are finding new and easy way for do work with minimum time .
Version                       date
HTML 2.0        November 24, 1995
HTML 3.2        January 14, 1997
HTML 4.0        December 18, 1998
HTML 4.1        December 24, 1999
HTML 5.0        October 28, 2014
HTML 5.1        November 1, 2016
After 1999 suddenly change word and move to technologies And Smartphone’s, tablets and other mobile devices have presented new challenges to Software Developers and Engineers. Our technology growth is moving for use World Wide Web  Therefore HTML5 presented with new features, Smoothly and more consistence user experience from Web engineers ,developers.
HTML 5 Softclusion technologies
Today Softclusion technologies here to present HTML 5.HTML5 has many new features. HTML 5 has more common and Important feature is integration of video and audio in the language .
Main Features Of HTML 5
  • It has been removed Deprecated elements like center, font, and strike
  • Many New Element providing progress, video, meter, canvas, nav and time.
  • Improved parsing rules allow for more flexible parsing and compatibility
  • Its Support for vector graphics without the aid of programs like Silverlight or Flash
  • Its support new attributes like charset, ping and async
  • New input attributes including email, URL, dates and times
  • Its Support New APIs
  • provide new Methyl has better display of mathematical notation
  • you can applied global attributes like id, repeat and more.
  • JavaScript can now run in the background thanks to the JS Web worker API
Main Goal of HTML 5 is completely focused on developer flexibility and better user experience.HTML 5 developer are quickly delivery of dynamic content. Through HTML5 browser can display attractive 3D view without any internet connection .HTML 5 provides many Advantages for developers and Users…
  • Support for More Web Application Features
  • Maximized Mobile Support
  • Consistent Error Handling
  • Enhanced Element Semantics
  • No More Cookies Thanks to Local Storage
  • Script and Link Tags No Longer Require Type Attribute
  • Support for Custom Data Attributes
  • Form Field Auto focus
HTML5 provides more developer control for his website performance .The goal of HTML 5 enable to work as application platform. Softclusion technologies use HTML 5 ,we have developers who has expertise in Html5 Development. Its offer many services like software Development , Website Design, Website Development ,SEO Services ,SMO Services and Digital Marketing Services.  Our Software development Company In Indore . we work on Advance technology PHP,.net, Css3 , Html5, Laraval, Megento ,word-press ,UI/UX ,JavaScript and more .

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